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GFRG and GFRC Access Panels and Shower Niches

Ready to Install GFRC and GFRG Products for Homes and Businesses

Ledge Products specializes in installation-ready shower niches and access panels. We use glass fiber reinforced materials - specifically glass fiber reinforced concrete and glass fiber reinforced gypsum - to make long lasting and affordable products. These leading materials represent the highest standards in the industry.

Our Product Range at Ledge Products

We manufacture shower niches and access panels from sustainable glass fiber reinforced concrete and glass fiber reinforced gypsum using the latest production techniques. The result is a range of products that are suitable for properties of all types, from new builds to renovations of an existing building.

GFRC Shower Niches

A shower niche provides convenient storage in your shower. Our niches made from waterproof GFRC fit between the existing studs for a sleek recessed look. With the option to finish a shower niche with tile or other materials, you can have a storage solution that blends in or a decorative feature that stands out in your bathroom.

We offer shower niches in several sizes and configurations to meet your design needs. Each is simple to install on the studs already in place with no special equipment needed. Whether you place a shower niche in your home bathroom or at your hotel, resort, apartment building, and more.

GFRG Access Panels

Ledge Products offers a line of access panels in sizes ranging from 9”x9” to 24”x24”. We manufacture these access panels from GFRG, or glass fiber reinforced gypsum, a lightweight and long lasting architectural material. Unlike panels made from metal or plastic, GFRG panels are nearly invisible once installed.

Our access panels are the ideal choice for concealing electrical wiring, plumbing, server equipment, attics, HVAC equipment, or any other systems where you need occasional access but want a clean, professional appearance the rest of the time. With their flexible uses, our GFRG access panels are the best option for any property and any interior location that needs an access panel.

Our Ledge Shower Niches come in many popular sizes. Perfect for those creating a recessed shower shelf in their bathroom. Waterproof, easy to install, and comes with a superior bonding surface. See all of our bathroom niche products, today.

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State of the Art
All of our Ledge Shower Niche products are manufactured with recycled content, and produced with state of the art engineered fiber reinforced cement for a long lasting build.


About Our Shower Niche Products:

About Ledge Products

Ledge Products is a subsidiary of GC Products, an industry leader in GFRC and GRFG manufacturing. We have been designing and fabricating high quality architectural elements from glass fiber reinforced concrete and gypsum since 2003 using our state of the art processes.

We founded Ledge Products to provide a selection of our products, available in a range of standard sizes. This enables us to provide products that are ready-to-install, affordable, and have a fast turnaround time to keep your home or property renovation moving forward.

At the same time, these products have the same advantages and reliable quality that we are known for, including:

  • Eco-Friendly Materials - GFRC and GRFG are made with recycled content. Since they will also last for years longer than other materials, they are an eco-friendly addition to your property without sacrificing quality.
  • Easy Installation - Glass fiber reinforcement makes concrete or gypsum lightweight so that they can be installed without additional supports or heavy equipment. Countersunk screw holes and our installation guides enable any contractor to put a shower niche or access panel in place.
  • Durability - Our expert fabrication process and the natural durability of GFRC and GFRG create long lasting products that are resistant to cracking, warping, or deteriorating. GFRC also offers waterproof capabilities.
  • Professional Appearance - All of our products have a strong bonding surface that you can finish with paint, tiles, texturing, or other decor for a look that fits with your property’s interior for a clean and professional look.

Our team also provides the same high standard of customer service. See all of the products and sizes we have available here on our website. Then contact us at 916.645.3870 or by email at to place your order, get assistance with any questions, or discuss custom options for your access panels and shower niche.

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