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A shower niche, or recessed shower shelf, is a permanent addition to a shower or bathroom. Rather than a temporary shelf, a shower niche fits perfectly with your bathroom aesthetic because it is finished on site to complement, blend in, or stand out from the surrounding decor. All the while, it provides functional storage for toiletries.

Ledge Products fabricates shower niches from glass fiber reinforced concrete, or GFRC, a waterproof concrete that is stronger yet lighter than traditional concrete. By offering a range of our most popular sizes here on our website, we make getting the ideal shower shelf for your home, property development, and more.

Why Use a GFRC Shower Shelf in a Bathroom

Each of our shower niches is made by casting the glass fiber and concrete mixture into molds. They are shipped to your property where they can be installed and finished on site by your contactor during a remodel or the initial construction.

GFRC shower niches offer many benefits in the properties where they are installed since they are:

  • Convenient - From the easily accessible storage they provide to a fast and straightforward installation process, GFRC shower niches are convenient in every sense.
  • Durable - GFRC is a product with high tensile strength and compressive strength. It can last for decades without scratches, cracking, or damage from water.
  • Customizable - A GFRC surface can be finished in almost any way you choose. Tiling, stonework, paint, and other options can be used on a shower niche to make it fit in any bathroom it is installed in.
  • Eco-Friendly - At Ledge Products, we construct our shower niches from recycled materials, making them an environmentally conscious choice for properties.

Incorporating a shower niche during a bathroom remodel improves the appearance of a bathroom and increases the value of a property, all at minimal cost for the purchase and installation.

The shower niches provided by Ledge Products are fabricated by our parent company GC Products, Inc. Developed after decades of experience in designing and crafting GFRC elements for a range of properties, our shower niches meet a high quality standard. Tapered edges for drainage, surfaces engineered for bonding, and a product designed to last make the Ledge shower niche the top product on the market.

Available Options for Our Shower Niches

The GFRC shower niches made by Ledge are prefabricated and ready to order. This enables us to offer them at affordable, wholesale prices and get them to you quickly so that your bathroom remodel or architectural project 

We have sized our shower niches according to the standard size between struts with customizable heights. This makes it possible for a contractor to place the shower niche in the desired location without requiring any additional support or reinforcement.

The available sizes we offer are:

  • 14” x 7”
  • 14” x 14”
  • 14” x 18”
  • 14” x 22”

At the 14” x 22” size, we also have the option for a double shower niche. This combines two smaller shower shelves into a single unit, giving you a niche with two shelves and the same installation process as all of our other shower niches.

Order Your Shower Niche Today

You can place your order or find out more about GFRC products by calling our team or sending us a message through the online contact form. For those needing a more customized shower shelf or GFRC product, we are also able to discuss custom orders through GC Products.